Join our organics program and help put Princeton on the map as a true sustainability leader in New Jersey.

Recycling is more important than ever before to individuals and to cities such as Princeton. There is a pressing need to preserve our environment, save natural resources, reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills, and make recycling easy.

Premier started offering a first of it’s kind in New Jersey curbside collection of organic source separated materials to Princeton residents in June of 2011 as a “pilot program”. During the 3 month pilot we diverted 25.14 tons of organic material away from the local landfill equaling 31 carbon offsets or 5 vehicles taken off the road and the equivalent of 91 trees planted. Furthermore, from June to December 2011 almost 60 tons of organics were collected and money saved from the diversion of this material away from landfills equaled almost $7500.  These figures represent a small portion of the 7000 + single family homes within the borough and township of Princeton as only 250 residents were participating during the period mentioned above. The impact could be much greater if more people join our organics program and help put Princeton on the map as a true sustainability leader in New Jersey.
  • $20.00 per month 1 x week Organics
  • $30.00 per month 1 x week Trash + Organics
  • Organics are collectied via a 32 gallon toter which we supply.
  • Trash picked up via residents own containers.
  • Call us directly to set up service: 609-771-8005
  • Click here to download printable information. (pdf)






Acceptable materials include:
Bread, grains, pasta, coffee grounds w/filter, dairy, eggshells and eggs, fruits and spoiled leftovers, meat, seafood, poultry w/bones, vegetables, greasy pizza boxes, paper cups and plates, paper bags, napkins and soiled paper towels, plants, flowers, small branches and brush, grass clippings, wooden chop sticks and small pieces of wood (no plywood, painted, stained or treated).


Unacceptable green waste bin materials:
Aluminum foil and trays, foil backed or plastic backed paper, glass, plastic and metals of any type, ceramic dishware or glasses, corks, diapers, animal waste, cat litter, dirt rocks or stone, styrofoam, plastic bags wrap or film, clothing linens and rags.

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Central Jersey Waste can accommodate your weekly curbside collection of household trash.
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